Ivan Vazov National Theatre

There could hardly be chosen a more suitable place for the Melpomene’s temple – the Ivan Vazov National Theatre than the centre of the capital Sofia. And there is no other more suited name for the theatre than the name of Ivan Vazov- the Patriarch of Bulgarian literature.

Teatar IvanVazov 1
Ivan Vazov National Theatre


Orphic mysteries, maenad songs and dances, religious rites, Dionysian festivals and feasts. This is depicted on the pediment of the Ivan Vazon National Theatre. Master from Italy called the sculpture group “Apollo and the four Muses”.

Teatar IvanVazov 11

In 1888, a theatre was built up from wood on this place. The ground floor and the gallery had 300-350 seats.


The imposing baroque-style building, designed by Viennese architects Felner and Helmer, was inaugurated on January 3rd, 1907.


After couple of inaugurations and one big fire on February 10th, 1923 now the theatre has two auditoriums: the big one with 800 seats and the chamber one, with 200. The curtain in the big auditorium was woven by Bulgarian carpet-weavers and weighs 350 kg.


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