Boyana church and waterfall

It's on Unesco's World Heritage list and its 90 murals are rare survivors from that period, and are among the very finest examples of Bulgarian Medieval artwork. They include the oldest know portrait of St John of Rila, along with representations of King Konstantin Asen and Queen Irina.

Boyana Church





Being one of most important natural landmarks in Sofia, the Boyana waterfall deserves attention.








You can reach the Boyana Church by public transport. You have to go to the Court (the place where the Free Sofia Tour start). From there you have to take train number 5 (which is behind the Court) until the crossroad between Tsar Boris and Alexander Pushkin you have to take bus number 107. You have to travel with the bus until Boyana Church (it is a UNESCO Heritage place) You can take a look of it and after that you take the path to Boyana Waterfall.

The second option is to take a taxi from here to Boyana Church. The approximate price should be 6-7 euro

Boyana church entrance fee:  

* Student - 2 Leva ( 1 Euro )

* Regular - 10 Leva ( 5 Euro ) 


Boyana Waterfall being one of most important natural landmarks in Sofia, the waterfall deserves attention. You can follow the walking path from the Church to the Waterfall and it will take you approximately 50-60 minutes.



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