Handcrafted Beer Bulgaria

Handcrafted Beer Bulgaria

Glarus Vidove




Glarus 4,2% - 6,5% alcohol

It is kind of independent microbrewery in Bulgaria. "Glarus" which is a local word for one of the seagulls found along the black sea coast.

No more mass produced, bland lager which tastes the same regardless of the brand
No more beer pasteurization
No more cheap adjuncts like rice and corn

Yes to ale – a different type of beer that allows so much more variety in taste
Yes to the full spectrum of filtered and unfiltered beers. We are gentle on our beers and they repay us with wonderful character
Yes to the best ingredients sourced from the top malt and hops producers around the world including some from Bulgaria

White Stork 5,5% alcohol

Original White Stork is a Pale Ale designed and hatched in Bulgaria, made by our highly experienced Belgian master brewer from German malts, American hops and finally merged with Belgian water and yeast.

bql shturk white stork original bulgarska kraft bira ale 600x600

Divo Pivo 4,2% - 6,2% alcohol

Divo Pivo is a Bulgarian live beer type Alee. Beer is made with filtered water, premium German Weyermann malt, hops from Bulgaria and yeast from Belgium. Does not contain GMOs, preservatives, stabilizers, colorants or spirits and is neither patrified nor filtered.

The sediment of the bottom is of yeast, entirely of natural origin. Divo Pivo is a craft beer with a golden color, characteristic aroma, moderate bitterness and lasting aftertaste.

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