Christmas dinner Bulgaria

Christmas dinner Bulgaria

коледна вечеря

“Christmas dinner Bulgaria"

In Bulgaria, Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. Many countries in Eastern Europe celebrate Christmas on January 7th as most Orthodox Churches use the old Julian Calendar, but the Bulgarian Orthodox Church uses the Gregorian calendar.

Christmas Eve (called Badni Vecher)  Bulgarian invite an odd number of guests for a meal that’s made up of an odd number of dishes (normally 7, 9 or 11)  and this meal follows the Orthodox 40-day Advent fast.

There's a special round and decorated loaf of bread called 'pita' which has a coin baked in it. If you find the good you're meant to have good luck for the next year! The bread is normally cut by the oldest person at the meal and they hand it around the table.

Normally Bulgarians cooked beans, a meal from rise and spices wrapped in cabbage, or vines leaves, different kinds of salads, cheese and special compote from boiled dried fruits /plumps, apples, pears and apricots with lemon and spices. For a dessert, fruits and a kind of pastry soaked in a very sweet syrup.


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