From Sofia to Bucharest

Bucharest - Known in the past as "The Little Paris"

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Bucharest is the capital and largest city of Romania. It lies in the middle of the Romanian plain, on the banks of the Dâmbovița, a small northern tributary of the Danube. Bucharest is a booming city with many large infrastructure projects changing the old face of the city. Known in the past as "The Little Paris," Bucharest has changed a lot lately, and today it has become a very interesting mix of old and new that has little to do with its initial reputation.

Тhe distance between Sofia and Bucharest is 296 km. Your traveling options by bus, train or plain:

Bus from Central Bus Station Serdika

Sofia 06:30 am – Bucharest 14:00 pm / with: Maxi travel/ Price 26,70 euro or 52 leva.
Sofia 23:00 pm – Bucharest 06:30 pm /with: Maxi travel/ Price 26,70 euro or 52 leva.

Bucharest 13:30 am – Sofia 21:00 pm /Filaret/
Bucharest 22:30 am – Sofia 06:00 pm /Filaret/


Sofia 09:00 pm- Bucharest Nord 18:58 pm /with: BDZ/  


Sofia 17:40 pm- Bucharest 18:40 pm /with: TAPOM/ 
Sofia 21:05 pm- Bucharest 22:10 pm /with: TAPOM/ 

What to see?

  • The Palace of the Parliament - This architectural colossus wins many plaudits, including heaviest building in the world, the largest building in Europe (nearly four million square feet and one thousand rooms) and the world's second-largest administrative building (after the Pentagon).

  • Romanian Athenaeum - A night at the Romanian Athenaeum means enjoying the Romanian George Enescu Philharmonic in one of the most stately 19th-century buildings in Bucharest.

  • The beautiful Stavropoleos Church - Built in the 18th century by Greek monk Ioanikie Stratonikeas, the Stavropoleos Church (Strada Stavropoleos 4; +40213134747) is tiny, peaceful and beautiful.

  • The remnants of 'Little Paris' - Bucharest was once known as "Little Paris," a capital that blossomed under King Carol, who imported French architects to give his city a grand feel.

  • Miles of parks - Bucharest is swathed in beautiful parks. The oldest, designed in the mid-19th century, is Cismigiu Gardens.

  • The National Village Museum - is on the shores of lake Herăstrău and exhibits vernacular architecture from all over Romania. Comprising some 300 dwellings – churches, workshops, windmills and so on.

  • Memorial of Rebirth on Revolution Square - a 25 metre-high blood-soaked marble obelisk, piecing through a baffling basket-like structure.

  • Carturesti Carusel - located in the heart of the city’s buzzy Old Town (Lipscani) may be the prettiest shop you’ll ever see. A huge range of books, stationary and novelty items line the walls of this gorgeous galleried space.

  • Bran Castle outside Bucharest is the setting for Dracula's home in the novel by Bram Stoker.

  • Or take a day trip to Sinaia - Sinaia, a picture-perfect little town nestled in the shadow of the Bucegi Mountains, is 90 minutes from Bucharest by train. In a day you can take in the picturesque views and visit the unreasonably beautiful Peleș Castle, summer retreat of Romania’s first king. You might even find time to hop on a cable car up the mountains and take in the magnificent views.

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Bran Castle

 National Village Museum

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